So, it begins.  Big bunch of why and why not follow if you’re interested.

I “retired” at the end of March, 2016.  I put it in quotes because it was not an entirely planned event.  

I was working as an information technology contractor [contractor being code for highly paid (well, maybe) temporary worker who is paid by the hour for actual hours worked with no employer-funded benefits like health care, paid time off for anything, 401K matching, etc.]  Such contracts are written for short increments – 3 to 6 months – then extended until projects end or run out of money to pay you with or someone decides they just don’t want you around any longer.  The immediate supervisor I worked for had asked me to stay through the end of 2016.  His supervisor decided he did not want to pay me for that long and he would find some other way to get the work I was doing done.  OK, buh-bye, no hard feelings.

I started working full-time when I was seventeen.  I turned sixty-six in December of 2015. Many years of serving the agendas of others for pay happened in between.   I had “retired” a few years earlier when another employer decided my work was no longer needed.  I was eligible for Social Security and a small pension.  I took them and ran.  A year later, my former manager asked if I would return to work.  I said yes and, long story short, here I am, “retired” again.

Because I retired once then took a do-over, people keeping asking me “is it real this time”?  That is really annoying.  Firstly, my life is not about reassuring others that all is well with their lexicon.  Secondly, I liked what I did for money, was pretty good at it and would do it again for money, for a while anyway, if someone asked me to.  I just am not in the mood right now to go about asking people to let me work for them for money.  So, I’m trying some other stuff…like blogging, writing, photography, travel…any or all of which might start returning some money if I do it right and am willing to accept the terms. I believe this is called “reinventing yourself” and a bunch of other quaint euphemisms for having run out of patience with some of what you had to put up with while working for others but not really wanting to just sit in a lounge chair cuddling a remote control until you die.

I’m essentially an introvert.  I like a lot of passive forms of entertainment like TV, movies, theater.  I also like to write and have done so for years for one purpose or another.  I even tried blogging once before many years ago but found time constraints made it difficult to produce regularly, so I stopped with very few actual entries posted.  Still, I enjoy the process of stringing words together to make sentences that represent thoughts, feelings, constructs, ideas, opinions.  I try to do it well and I’m willing to risk exposing it to the possibility of feedback.  [Internet rolls may change my perspective on that.  Virtual mean people can suck more than real mean people.]  I intend to use the stuff I watch as a nexus for writing and publishing here.  I don’t intend to take the “watching” part too literally.  I may write about things I hear, stumble across, read or just think about.  It is all part of observing what goes on in the universe and reactions to it: watching stuff.